Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Huge hiatus but I'm back

Been sitting on my ass I know and nagged to death by fellow Star Wars lovers. I know I've been lazy.

Been getting a lot of help from a couple of buddies and ... well ... progress so far.

I believe I can fly! Fitted up the harness with the back plate and the jetpack. Quite comfortable but I don't know about long term carrying yet. Still got to match up the holes to my top shirt to wear the harness on the inside and the two top straps to come out through the holes on the shirt which I need to cut.
BOOBIES!!! But is it a D or a C?

Found the boot! YEAH!!! A little pricey but it's worth it. It's being a bitch trying to pull off the super stuck logo.

Blaster all painted up but all the wood grain could be seen. Friend did a layer of putty which I tried my best to sand down. But I seem to lack the sanding ability. What I did for an hour my friend was able to do more in just 10 mins. :(

I suck ...

Woodchuck's blaster. Friend helping me with the wiring. Yeah it's going to have lights!!!

Progress :
Helmet - Wearing. Range finder to replace the stem with metal stem and paint.
Body Suit &Top Shirt - At Aunt Nancy's getting all the velcros sewed on and the blue stripes on the sleeves.
Body Armor - With Aunt Nancy doing the matching with the velcro. Some pieces have been sprayed.
Blasters - Putty and wiring stage.
Holsters - Need to make from scratch.
Boots - Pulling off the logos. Bits need to make from scratch. Can't order in time.
Belt - Seeker has promised to send it to me express mail next week. Hoping for the best.

As you can see, I got a TON of work to do. And we're trying to get me ready by STGCC next Friday. Biggest obstacle right now I see is the building parts from scratch stage. Need all the expert help I can get.

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