Monday, August 26, 2013

It's getting there ...

Honestly most of the hard work is done by my two friends who guide and help me along the way.
Trying to get this done by this Friday in time for STGCC ... I hope.

Visor done. Cheap way too. Thanks to my friend's idea. Cheap visor clear and paste dark film wrap.

The knees. Doing a stretch band behind and adding a velcro in front to secure the position ... I got fat knees.

Side piece for the range finder done.

Gauntlets all sprayed up. Left the details.

Did up my own sewing of the velcro instead. Haphazard stitch work to just get it done fast and easy. Holding up well. Will machine sew AFTER the event to give it a better finish if needed. One boob down ... god knows how many more attachments armour pieces of velcro to sew.

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