Friday, September 6, 2013

It's finished ... almost

I've only left the boot plates which I've to order and can only arrive next month.
Need to get my paypal account linked to my credit cards ... taking longer than expected.

I lost some photos which I took of the weathering of the helmet and armour. Not to mention I 3D-printed my darts and other greebles on my bracers. But all my darts broke during my trooping as they were too fragile. Going to order steel darts of the Boba Fett type.

I thank all the people who have helped me throughout my progress.

Jetpack - Cruz
Blasters - Woodchuck
Pouches and Belt - Seeker
Paintwork, Weather and a lot of ad hoc items that I bumped into along the way - Aaron & Desmond from Singapore Garrison

I also thank the Singapore Garrison who welcomed me with open arms ever since beginning of 2013. First "mission" as a minder in Chingay 2013 got me hooked and I never stopped since.

After that was minding for the special Star Wars exhibition at the Singapore Philatelic Museum for both May the Fourth and Father's Day. Then helping with phototaking in Legoland Malaysia. It has been a BIG BLAST!

Now below photos taken from the recent event. STGCC (Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention) 2013 at MBS (Marina Bay Sands). It was more exhilirating than I bargained for.

Favourite moments are when kids recognise my costume by NAME!!! Bo Katan! I love them. Meeting the new people was fantastic too.

Meeting the famous R2D2 face to "face"

 Posing with my fellow Bounty Hunters clan.

The popular Iron Ladies.

Bo wants to sign up for the Droid Hunt as well but she didn't expect that she's the one to be hunted.

Charlie's Angels pose Woot!

I had a LOT of fun ... and I hope the others did too.

Most of the Garrison by the end of day 2.
Lucky us, someone did a Wookie costume! It was AWESOME!!!
Lotsa new characters appeared this year. Can't wait to do this again.

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