Thursday, September 26, 2013

Come join us at the Pink Ribbon Walk 2013

I've order new darts and a whole new armor set. All my previous darts broke. The armor I have currently is a little wrongly sized. Also needing the correctly done shoes plates and back plate to complete the costume.

Ooh but today preparing to go for the Pink Ribbon Walk 2013 at Marina Promenade this Saturday, 28th September 2013. Re-sewed the loose velcro pieces on the suits and stuck new velcro pieces for the armor.

Also happily UniQlo is selling their Winter lines again and I managed to get the turtle neck cotton tee that I needed to replace my current lycra one with. Bought a balaclava too for the meanwhile with my current suit & top that doesn't seem to cover my neck well enough.

Anyway if anyone's reading this, be sure to come down for the Pink Ribbon Walk event this Saturday. It's free and we will be at a photobooth where contributions will be to the Breast Cancer Foundation. I might be taking part in the 3.8km walk too.

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