Sunday, March 17, 2013

Harness & Cutting & Dremmelling

OMG Alfred is a big help!
He passed me his spare harness which he didn't use.

Gotta wait for my flight suit and armor to be ready before testing out and aligning/fixing up the harness.

Tested out for the visor. Instead of the usual one from T-Visor, I used tinted plastic 2mm thick sheets. This picture is just me slotting it in to test it with flash. 2 sheets only needed. Next step is to either tape or glue it to the inside.

I started cutting the armor. With A LOT of help from Des, he lent me his cutter and his dremmel drill to cut and trim my armor. It's a lot tougher to cut than I thought.

And the dremmelling, I regretted wearing shorts. The scraps off the armor felt hot but luckily I got used to it after a while.

Ooh and I got my first cut on my left thumb. I have plenty of sores and scratches on my hands and legs too from handling the plastic but after it was all done ... it felt good.

Still have a LOT of dremmelling and trimming to do ... but oh well at least it's started.

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