Monday, March 11, 2013

Visor Material Sourcing

Ooh I forgot to add ...

I went to Bras Basah last night to hunt for some suitable flexible plastic that can be used for the helmet's visor.

Top picture is with 3 sheets thick and bottom pic is with 4 sheets thick. Can still see me in the top pic. But friend said most prob we can use 2 sheets only as the sheets exposure will be small and no backlight as it will be in the helmet.

We should be cutting out the hole for the visor this weekend. *excited*

Ooh and I started watching Clone Wars : the series. Just found out there's a movie before that. Getting that too.

Time to update my Star Wars knowledge. Need to rewatch all 6 movies and I think I want to get one of those graphic books to keep in my favourite bookshelf. :)

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