Monday, March 11, 2013

Helmet, pouches, jetpack, flightsuit

Helmet :
Pass it to my friend Des to start on the visor first.
But I'm going to Art Friend today to see if I can get the black visor which he doesn't have the material for.
Thinking of doing the antenna to be movable but semi fixed. Weight of the eye piece would pose a little problem but they have advised boring it to make it lighter. Hmmmm ...

Pouches :
Asking Seeker for a quote but from his threads it looks to be US$175.00 without shipping. Will check with a local leather maker to see if it's cheaper to do it here in Singapore.

Would always prefer to source locally.

Jetpack :
Biggest headache now.
Have asked Cruzer if he could do it quicker for me. But it looks to be only ready for delivery by May. And that is if he doesn't get delayed.
Asked another guy for a quote but I doubt I'll get an answer soon.
Will go ahead with Cruzer if no reply by tomorrow.

Flightsuit/overshirt/gloves :
Going with lycra for the body suit. Have to check with Spotlight again to see if they have that available.
Overshirt looks to be a tight black tee which I've to sew on blue bands at the end of the shirt sleeve. Looks simple enough.
I've not checked how the gloves exactly look like, but plain black. Should be able to get from army market.

Now I'm actually aiming to finish these by May so that I can join up the 501st for the LucasArts building launch. I'd love to go as one of the BH but looks like it might not come true and I'll just go as a minder.

Keeping fingers crossed for things to go smoothly ... especially the jetpack. :)

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